Lower, not lateral. Found a ticket on Yandex. Schedules, paid with Yandex.Money

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Ahead of the May holidays - a wonderful reason to relax. Someone flies abroad by plane, and someone leaves by train to another city in Russia. Planning a vacation and thinking about upcoming vacations is great. But at three in the morning, when you remember that you need to buy tickets, the ticket offices at most stations have already closed. And even during the day in the queues do not want to stand.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that you can book a ticket on Yandex. Schedules and pay for it with Yandex.Money without leaving your home. And you do not need to spend extra time, and prices do not bite, and you do not need to enter a credit card number.

Starting a trip is easy:

  1. Find the train you need on Yandex Schedules . Together with the date of travel and train number, you can choose a place and a car.
  2. Book a ticket and pay for it with Yandex.Money on the UFS website.
  3. Get a paper ticket at your UFS office or train station - even before your departure.

Plan successful trips with Yandex.

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