Urgently! VKontakte awaits trial and closure

    A few months ago in the article “ Facebook strikes first. VKontakte to stand and be afraid! ” I talked about the lawsuit filed by Facebook against one of the largest German social networks StudiVZ . The Americans accused the Germans of plagiarism, and in this article I thought that if Facebook can win this process, then the first one to be wary of the next lawsuit is the Russian Facebook clone - VKontakte.

    On the left is Vkontakte, on the right is Facebook.

    Then (and it was last summer) shortly after the filing, the American lawyers withdrew the lawsuit for some reason, and the Facebook clones (including, of course, VKontakte) sighed freely.

    However, few people know that after some time, a lawsuit against StudiVZ was filed again. The American side has discovered new evidence of a violation of its copyright and related rights. A description of these violations with a total volume of more than three volumes was submitted to the higher court in Berlin at the place of registration of the legal entity supporting the operation of the social network.

    StudiVZ on the left, Facebook on the right.

    The process lasted several months. Meeting after meeting, the hopes of StudiVZ owners to retain for the social network with tens of millions of registered users the right to at least just be online have dissipated like morning fog over the Rhine.

    And today the verdict of the court was announced. Judge Klaus Luxemburg (by the way, the grandson of the famous revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg) in his final speech recognized the claims of the largest social network in the world as justified and decided to remove StudiVZ from the Internet within ten days.

    Judge Klaus Luxemburg (center) reads out the court’s decision. A

    collection of several hundred active users of the “accused” social network who came to the courthouse to support the creators and owners of the site turned into a spontaneous demonstration, which continues even now, threatening to turn into street riots.

    StudiVZ fans ousted by police from courthouse in city park

    But for users of the Runet, not so much a court decision can become fatal as the words spoken by Facebook’s chief lawyer Bernard DiCaprio (this, by the way, is the cousin of the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio) on the sidelines, after the end of the process. He said: “Now, after we have been able to assert our rights here in Germany, we will deal with Facebook clones in other countries. And the first on our list is one of the largest Russian websites “VKontakte”, which copied the look and in some places even the Facebook program code. And then, maybe we’ll get to Odnoklassniki! Why did they introduce paid registration ?! And the unit there all the time someone puts good people under the photos! .. Here doprazdnuem April 1 and take over all of them, so that will not find it! " .

    A source:Spiridonov.ru

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