Russians ask for money for using the toilet on the ISS

    In the old days, the atmosphere of harmony and fraternity reigned on the International Space Station, all the equipment of the station was in common use by all cosmonauts. But these times have passed, and now astronauts are forbidden to use "alien" conveniences and even eat someone else's food.

    On Tuesday, the British Guardian writes about the "divorce" on the ISS from the words of the honored Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalki in an interview with Novaya Gazeta. Other Russian media for some reason publish this information on an inaccurate and embellished retelling in the Guardian, not referring to the source.

    According to the astronaut, in recent years, "divorce" in orbit is in full swing, and not Russians are divorced from the Americans, as one might assume. “The situation is worse: on the one hand, Russia, on the other, the other partners on the ISS.”

    The first seven years - from 1998 to 2005 - Russians and Americans lived in orbit soul to soul. But then everything changed - and Padalka admitted that the Russian side was the initiator of the "divorce." In 2003, Moscow decided to put space cooperation on a commercial basis and began to bill other countries for the use of ISS resources. The partners answered in the same way, and the astronauts aboard the ISS had many completely artificial difficulties and problems.

    “For example, a common table has always united crews. You could try any kitchen. The astronauts found something new, but tasty food can improve mood. Now we are supposed to eat only Russian products, and astronauts - only American (and European) products, ”says Gennady Padalka. The astronaut explains that this, of course, will not force people on board the ISS to eat separately: "We are adults, educated, educated, with our own minds and can create the necessary human climate in space."

    "Soon no one will take us as partners: firstly, because of the" divorce ", and secondly, we are not interested in terms of new technologies," the Russian astronaut warns. He notes that every year the technological lag of Russia is becoming more noticeable: “The Russian segment (on the ISS - ed.) Loses much by comparison with partner segments. It is all built on technology (at best!) In the mid-1980s, "while partners are" moving away "in front of their eyes -" their modules are bright, spacious, silent, a completely different level. "

    The Guardian retold the story of the Russian cosmonaut under the sensational headline “Cosmonauts are forbidden to use the toilet on the ISS,” and this headline was reprinted by many media not only in Russia - the news of the “battle for the toilet” reached Israel (it was published, in particular, by the NRG-Maariv website ) It may well be that Russian cosmonauts in the current situation are really obliged to use only their "national" toilet, as the British newspaper writes. However, Gennady Padalka did not say anything about this in an interview with Novaya Gazeta.

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