Ya. Subbotnik in Kiev: layout, API and more ...

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 On April 25, 2009 in Kiev, Yandex invites everyone who is interested in talking about HTML-layout, API and discussing these topics over coffee on a spring Saturday afternoon.

On our Subcategory:

• Vitaly Kharisov will talk about the layout of frequently used page elements in general.

• Vadim Makishvili - about layout in IntelliJIDEA.

• Vadim Makeev: “With a knife against a steam locomotive 2. Optimization and cutting graphics for professional typesetting”.

• As well as the Yandex.Maps API and Alexander Tarmolov with a master class on displaying heterogeneous objects on Yandex.Maps.

The program of the Ukrainian Y. Subbotnik can be viewed here .

We are waiting for everyone at the address: Kiev, st. Sholudenko 3, “Cubic Center”, attic floor. 

Participation in the Saturday is free. Attention! Registration completed.

To make the workshop more useful for you, take your laptop computers with you.

Yulia Simutenko, training and development

Oksana Mandryka, marketing

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