Consoles for the poor. Coming soon in Russia

    A startup called the Zeebo Inc . going to release cheap game consoles two years ago for users from India, China, Brazil and Russia (yes, yes) finally launches sales of the console in April in Brazil at a price of $ 199 and a little later in other countries at a price of $ 179. They plan to get to Russia at the end of 2009. In 2010 - they want to lower console prices to $ 149.


    The novelty is developed on the basis of mobile technologies from Qualcomm. Games will be distributed via mobile networks, and not on physical media, at a cost of $ 10-15.

    Zeebo seems not to be competing with PSP 3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Indeed, what kind of competition is there ... However, according to rumors, Electronic Arts, THQ and Activision Blizzard have already agreed to produce games for Zeebo, whose experts hope to sell at least 800 million consoles. According to a Zeebo spokesman, there are only five

    experts in the state.

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