Meeting in St. Petersburg: Sunday, March 29

    After the meeting of St. Petersburg programmers in iClub, the idea arose to hold a separate meeting of ruby-progres.
    To save everyone from the delights of endless discussions of where and when, I scored a place and time. And I thought that for a change, it would be cool to have a meeting on Sunday morning, haha.

    And so:

    cafe "SEGAFREDO" on Malaya Sadovaya. st., 3 (almost on the Nevsky).
    Sunday, March 29, 11:00 (morning)

    Please note that the cafe is not where the marker is, but a little further - where is the green cross. Why in the morning? Because brains work better, because they don’t spend all day waiting for a meeting and after that you can have time to work or have a good rest. And also because the cafe will be relatively free.

    WiFi is. Bring laptops. Who doesn’t - share.
    The format of the meeting is free. As usual - those who want to give reports, the rest ask questions and just talk. It will probably be interesting to just meet and find out who is working on what.

    Who is going to come - celebrate.

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