iPhone Home button no longer needed?

    As you know, in the iPhone minimum keys. However, according to majun3 , at least one, namely Home, is superfluous. “Apple does not allow us to feel the full power of the touchscreen!”, He decided and wrote the iHome application, which makes the single key on the front panel of the device unnecessary.

    Indeed, multi-touch is great for gesture controls. But in the existing iPhone firmware, its full potential is not revealed. Yes, there are some gestures, but they cannot be changed or reconfigured, you cannot assign a favorite application to launch a specific gesture. I think sooner or later such functionality will appear, because, for example, PalmPre developers promise to add recognition of complex gestures to their phone, and this is a direct call to Apple.

    But back to iHome. The program is available in Cydia from the iSpazio repository. She has a size of only 9.3 kB. The application has neither a desktop icon nor settings. The program’s work is best described by the author’s demo video:

    As you can see, a narrow bar at the bottom of the screen is used to control the program: a short movement to the left - exit the program or go to the first screen (similar to pressing Home); long gesture to the left - opens iPod control (analogue of double-clicking Home); a short gesture to the right brings up the program menu from which you can make Lock (pressing Power), Respring, Reboot or turn off the phone; a long gesture to the right puts the phone in standby mode. If you hold your finger on the iHome strip for more than 5 seconds, and then remove it from the screen, you will get a screenshot.

    Everything works quite correctly and logically. But not without a fly in the ointment. When typing on the keyboard, the bottom row of keys is not always pressed, because they are partially intercepted by iHome. This is unpleasant enough.

    Summarizing, I can say that the program, although it works satisfactorily, does not make much sense, because in most cases pressing a button is still more convenient. If it were possible to configure your own actions for gestures, the utility of the utility would be more. However, if Home or Power has stopped working on the phone, this program will help you use the device before repair.

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