iPhone: applications for working with Russian services

    Since July last year, when Apple opened a store selling applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the App Store has not released many programs for working with Russian-language services. Russian developers have made many applications for language learners, games (which is worth only Tetris ) and much more - for American iPhone users and to earn extra money. But a week ago, an application from the creators of Vkontakte appeared on the App Store, the next day from the developer Yandex.Fotok, and then from Kommersant.
    I would like to hope that all this is not just a coincidence, but Russian Internet companies suddenly drew attention to the half-million audience of iPhone owners, and the creators of other good services will now follow the example of Vkontakte. In support of this trend, we decided to talk about nine applications from the App Store (you know more - write in the comments), which simplify the work with Russian Internet services.

    BashOr ($ 0.99)
    A simple reader of the latest quotes from the Bashorg and IT Happens collection. In addition to the fresh and at times funny dialogs of Internet users, in the application you can read the best quotes of the day, everything in general ("Abyss"), the top of this same "Abyss" and vote for quotes - in general, it seems that everything is the same that you can to do if you put humorous quotes bookmarks in the "Safari".
    However, reading “Bashorg” in a special application is somewhat more convenient, but probably only real Bash fans will agree to spend money on it.

    An application for working with another, much more serious, information service BFM.ru. On the main screen of the program displays a feed of major news, exchange rates and stock market indices. Separately, you can see the news of each section of the portal, the latest materials and the state of the markets (unlike the native Stocks, without graphs of growth and fall, but with some additional information).
    The application is free, but there are advertising banners on all pages and in the download window.

    In fact, the only tool for working with the new geosocial network iMobbit. Immediately after launch, the application caches the Google map and shows other network users within a radius of ten kilometers from you. To fully utilize the features of iMobbit, you must enter your email address and password. The application is still available with limited functions: you can’t add people near you to friends, become “invisible”, write comments on objects on the map and there is no status history (read: microblogging) - all this will be in the next version of the program.

    Aimobilko is a new and well-designed online store with electronic and audio books, music and films. Before its opening, the creators conducted a noisy advertising campaign: on the website Ai *** Lko developed at Lebedev Studio"It was suggested to guess the picture from the opening fragments. Everyone who offered at least one answer option received a certain amount in a personal account in the opened online store.
    The application for "iPhone" specializes in books sold in "Aymobilka". Through it, you can find, buy and immediately read it, having previously set the font and background color.

    Jams.Moscow ($ 9.99)
    The application’s functions are fully described by its name - it shows Google maps and traffic information from Yandex (the company, I recall, bought SMIlink in the summer, which collects, processes and provides information about traffic jams on Russian roads). There are four modes of increase from the federal highway A107 (“concrete road”) to the Garden Ring, auto-determination of your position on the map and real-time update mode.
    The application is not cheap, but it seems to be worth it.

    Similar to BFM.app (and all other reading apps for news sites), the Kommersant newspaper version allows you to read the latest news and articles, including in certain categories from five different magazines of the publishing house: Kommersant itself, Power ”,“ Money ”,“ Weekend ”and“ Company Secret ”. Separately, you can see the latest photo galleries, search for materials and add your favorites to your favorites.
    The settings indicate the frequency of updating texts. To force update the contents of the section, you must click the button in the upper right corner of the screen.

    The LiveJournal client for iPhone allows you to write on LiveJournal and correspond with other users via the service’s internal mail. The form for adding a new record is not inferior in convenience to full-fledged customers: through it you can easily publish a photo taken on iPhone and write a note with a title, tags, a special userpic, links, formatting and location (it will be determined automatically). If you accidentally exit the program, autosave of the typed note will work, and the annoying signature “Posted via LiveJournal.app” can be disabled in the settings.

    The application from Vkontakte, according to the testimony of my brother, who actively uses the capabilities of a social network, is an excellent replacement for the service site. Through the program, you can chat with friends, upload photos from the phone you shot to the camera, search for and add other users to friends.
    Many complain about the "dampness" of the application and the resulting glitches and "crash" of the program. But almost none of the applications described in the article has not done without it yet. After a few updates, this should be fixed - the stability of the native Safari has been improving for the past two years.

    As in the case of Jams.Moscow, the application for working with the Yandex service is an initiative of one person, only this time he works in the company. The photo client for iPhone allows you to take pictures, upload photos to Yandex servers, edit photo data and publish pictures to the Ya.ru blog. You can upload a photo immediately after shooting or later, at a time convenient for you, and before uploading, edit the name, tags and size of the photo.
    The application is available for free download.

    Source: www.internetno.net

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