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“All questions to Yandex” or “what have you been banned in Google?”, There are several ways to tell a person “leave me alone, look for the answer yourself”.

Even if the answer is very easy to find on the Internet, people will never stop asking other people; many want to get an answer from “live” interlocutors who can be trusted. Or do not trust, but, for example, argue or verify opinions.

Yandex.Answers is a new experimental service, opened as part of Yandex.Nano , with which you can find answers to your questions.

The Internet is large, and for sure someone has already answered the asked question - in communities in LiveJournal or, in forums, online consultations, or on other question-answer services. Our robot bypasses these sites and highlights the question-answer pairs. There are currently 4.5 million questions in the robot index with 14.4 million answers.

If we have not found the answer, then the question can be asked to visitors to our site, as well as on the "usual" services of questions and answers, where visitors ask and they answer.

Says Ilya Segalovich:

“For many years we tried to approach a service that allows search users to ask questions not to a machine, but to a person.

Of course, there is a need for this - the search engine does not always theoretically cope with the answer. Sometimes the problem is with the user and his question, because not everyone can describe what they are looking for in the language of a new subject area. Sometimes the problem is the answer, it can be formulated in an unusual form, or it is difficult to distinguish among the mass of not the best answers.

For many years in a row, from 1999 to 2007, Yandex had a special forum “ Where to find it ?” (Archive 10.2000-06.2007) for mutual assistance of users, on which a considerable database of useful answers was accumulated.

Similar mutual assistance services were launched with varying success by many other portals and search engines.

For a long time we did not start the question and answer service on Yandex because of one important observation: users do not like to publish their questions among strangers, the vast majority of questions were asked and asked not at specialized questions and answers services of certain portals, but in the usual for user habitat.

In a thematic forum in which the user has been “registered” for a long time, he knows everyone and should not register, in his social network, in his blog or in his community, which he has been reading for a long time.

We are not trying to reverse this trend with this service; on the contrary, we are trying to rely on it. What we have done is an attempt to constantly aggregate and classify questions and answers from all blogs and Internet forums. Questions and answers are as informative and interesting as possible.

Now, when you ask a question in our service, we not only enter it into the database and give all users the opportunity to give a good answer to it, but also try to find the answer from those that we collected on the Internet.

We are not trying to replace all the services of answers and questions, all forums and blogs. On the contrary, we provide links to the source pages and services and are open for cooperation. ”

The project is available at or for those who understand .

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