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Now, to keep abreast of the latest developments, you just have to look at the desktop. Unless, of course, you have a new  Yandex.News widget .

The widget shows headings and short snippets of publications. And by clicking on the title, you will find out detailed information about the event on the Yandex.News service  .

By default, the widget shows 20 major news. But most importantly - the widget can be configured so that it shows only the news you are interested in. For example, if you are engaged in high technology and are keen on boxing, you will probably want to mention Hi-Tech and Martial Arts rubrics. Thus, on your desktop you will have a personalized news feed.

In addition to the division by category, in the settings of the widget there is a division by country. Separately allocated Russia and Ukraine. And also you can choose rubrics dedicated to individual countries, for example, Norway, the USA and the Republic of Belarus.

You can install the widget on Mac OS X, Windows Vista, and the Opera browser (including Linux and Windows XP).

You can download the widget  on the page  in Yandex.Nano. You  can also download our other widgets there:  SearchTraffic  and  Clock .

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