How does the Inforotor statistics system work and do you need it?

    Our statistics system uses only clean, distilled water and is prepared using the best equipment :-)
    Seriously, if you don’t take it seriously, our statistics system is interesting only to those who either work in the online media or read them very actively, because it calculates them only media sites and blogs. Yes, it is also perhaps of interest to developers who are always interested in peeking into a saucepan with code or learning about the operation of a new interesting algorithm. Assuming that people who meet the above criteria are present on Habr, we will tell in more detail about statistics.

    Probably, no one needs to explain that the news aggregator of Inforotor automatically builds stories and puts them into sections. Similar messages most often come from different media outlets. Comparing the attendance of the content pages of publications, we get statistics for each plot, the typical report of which looks like this . The report contains data on unique visitors to the entire plot and on the distribution of the audience of the plot among the media that published it.

    The data on the attendance of specific publications messages in conjunction with the analysis of the text of these messages give us just those reports, which are the hallmark of our statistics system. These are reports on the content of both a specific publication and the news stream as a whole. For instance:
    The “Citations” report will tell about who and when reprinted each of your news :-)
    “Popularity of headings” will tell about the distribution of the site’s audience by headings, thus reflecting the news interests of readers, which, in our opinion, can be used to judge the quality of the audience .

    It is important to emphasize that this report can be applied as a filter to any source of visitors, which will determine the composition of the interests of the audience that came from a particular site.

    All these data allowed us to create Internet media ratings for citation , exclusive and reprinted messages, as well as our main media rating ( global ), which we will cover in more detail in the following publications.

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