Podgames Weekly # 13

    Issue 13 is special. Mikhail Mirchuk, better known under the nickname Miker , came to visit us . In the past, he was one of the top players in the Russian wc3 scene, and now he is the administrator of one of the largest e-sports portals ( goodgame.ru ) and a talented commentator. As you already understood, the podcast is entirely devoted to the topic of e-sports. The result was a kind of mat. part with very interesting details in aspects of this very interesting phenomenon in the gaming industry. Here is the very definition of e-sports, its advantages and disadvantages, the situation abroad and in Russia, significant persons, and even the topic of the console vs PC is touched. It will be interesting for those who know about eSports only by hearsay, and those who play games at a pro level. Post
    Linkfrom Bonivur, which is mentioned in the podcast.

    Shawnot will not be, one single paragraph is written in capital letters on the cover of the podcast.
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