Section "Sandbox"


    What should have happened a long time ago, finally happened: from now on and forever, every Habr guest has the opportunity to legally receive an invite and register on the site.

    To do this, you do not need to look for friends on Habré, ask for an invite on the forums, even write with requests to the administration, too. Just go to the special section "Sandbox"and publish your topic there. If a post is liked by someone from an invitee user, the author of the topic has every chance of getting an invitation and registering. For this to happen, the topic must be interesting, fit into the framework of the Habrir theme and be absolutely original. Spammers, copy pasteors and pranksters can pass by, as the section is moderated. Even if someone succeeds in slipping through, later this villain will be caught and deported to Zimbabwe. The same applies to those who like to breed virtuals, only in their case we will be deported immediately to the Sun, without dry soldering.

    The users themselves do not recommend relaxing and giving an invite to anyone, either: no one has canceled the secret relationship between the inviter and the invitee;)

    And yes, the mechanism for receiving invites by applicants can and will change depending on the weather on a small planet in the vicinity of Betelgeuse.

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