Moscow subway will acquire 3G in 2009

    While Peter, Sochi, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod and a number of large cities use 3G services, Moscow (where the most potentially active consumers of third-generation communication services live) remains hungry. And all due to the fact that the frequencies at which the 3G network operates use the air defense forces of Moscow. But, according to forecasts, in 2009 Muscovites can still rely on 3G.

    The first fragments of the network may appear underground in the subway. At least, MTS, Megafon and Beeline have conducted successful studies of the electromagnetic compatibility of 3G networks and electronic equipment of the Ministry of Defense in the Moscow Metro. Conclusion - the creation of 3G networks, even in the current situation, is quite possible. True, with a limit on the permissible number of base stations.

    In addition, the Moscow Metro and MTS have already signed an agreement on the provision of 3G standard communication services. According to representatives of MTS, the company expects to launch the network in commercial operation by the end of this year.

    Tests for electromagnetic compatibility on the streets of Moscow are also underway. It is possible that in 2010 it will come to the launch of a full 3G network in the center and on the main highways of the capital.


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