Windows 7 beta 1 will appear in a week. Including Russian version

    According to the information that appeared, the first beta of Windows 7 should appear in a week.
    Microsoft has designated the first beta of the seven as Windows 7 beta 1 build 7000.0.081212-1400.

    Why can we expect the first beta next week? The answer is simple. Microsoft has sent invitations to its privileged testers to take part in the Windows 7 beta 1 build tests. This event was dedicated to the celebration of Catholic Christmas, which runs from December 24 to December 25. Thus, beta can be expected to leak in a week, as always happens.

    The official date for extensive testing of Windows 7 beta 1 is approximately set for early January 2009, most likely we will receive it by the 10th. Not so much time between the "golden" testing and the massive - this is also very pleasing.
    This time, the developers have provided all the localization, we can test the seven in Russian.

    According to preliminary data, Microsoft plans to release only one beta version, after which it is planned to release one version of RC (Release Candidate), and then, around the fall (October-November), the final version will be transferred to OEMs from the English Original equipment manufacturer - the manufacturer of the original configuration - a company selling its product to other manufacturers as a component for their products. Wikipedia). And by Christmas 2009, it will be possible to buy a computer with Windows 7 installed. Those who want to buy a new OS in the boxed version will have to wait until January 2010. It was then that it was planned to sell Windows 7 in a box.

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