Yandex.Pictures: look at these faces

    Yandex.Pictures launched portrait search. If you enable the "Portraits" filter (it is located in the filter list under the search country on the results page), then the portraits of one person, as well as group portraits, photographs and even pictures will remain in the search results.
    Maurice Asher

    The Portraits filter on Yandex.Pictures radically changes the image search results for many search queries. So, in response to a request from [ Kazimir Malevich ], Yandex.Pictures will show mainly abstract paintings by the artist, and the inclusion of the “Portraits” filter will allow you to see how the artist looked and whose portraits he painted. And, for example, at the request of [ formula 1 ] it will be possible to look not only at racing cars, but also at the faces of those who manage these cars.

    Another interesting example: [ jolly roger ] :)

    Jolly Roger

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