Support for IE8 on RuNet - Yandex, RuTube, Gismeteo, Wikipedia

    Last week, at the opening of the Platform 2009 conference , we presented the largest Russian sites that are already using the new features of Internet Explorer 8. Today, I’ll remind you that the browser is currently in Beta 2 stage and is also available in Russian .
    1. One of the pillars of the Runet, Yandex , has supported Accelerators since December 4. To do this, they made a special project on Yandex.Nano.
      At the moment, you can select the text on the pages to find the location of the object through Yandex.Maps and goods for sale through Yandex.Market .
    2. The largest Russian video hosting company RuTube has been supporting IE8 since December 3.
      Going to the main page from a new browser, you can put yourself a Web fragment with the TOP-10 clips for today, put the Accelerator to search for videos in the selected text.
      In addition, comments on all videos can also be saved as a Web clip.
    3. The well-known weather resource Gismeteo now allows you to track the weather in the desired city through the Web fragment.
      To do this, go to the page of a city and install the fragment through the top toolbar.
    4. Russian-language Wikipedia allows you to search for objects with instant display of thumbnails for these objects. This is Visual Search - all information is displayed immediately in the search bar in the upper right corner.

    At the moment, a video of the opening is available on the Platform’s website , although it is still in a non-final form - in particular, only the upper left corner of the screen is visible during this demo. IE8 features can be found on the site from 01:30:45. However, all of the above is available on the Web to everyone, so you yourself can try new opportunities in action.
    Every day, sites that support the new features of IE8 are becoming more and more. If you yourself do something interesting on your site, write in the comments.

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