I do not want QIP Infium

    Enter in the search for Habr the query "qip" and you will find more than one topic in personal blogs dated today. Unfortunately, yes, this is true, the QIP 8070 no longer works .
    I had to download QIP Infium , but I did not like it at all. Naturally, I saw him many times, but he did not seem comfortable to me, both then and today.

    What I didn’t like. This is just my opinion, many do not agree:
    - an incomprehensible and long procedure for the end user to register
    - the default advertising status
    - the status pictures have changed, some have been "painted over", and some have been redrawn
    - IMHO, which is extremely inconvenient compared to the old QIP posts

    However, there is a way out.
    It was quite by accident that it was noticed that the old assembly - 7981 was working
    . Unfortunately, there are not enough several useful and familiar functions, but the losses are not so great.

    UPD: It just became known that they released a new build that is adapted to changes in the protocol. You can download it here and here .

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