Mobile WiMAX in Russia - November Results

    Greetings, habrag citizens. I continue to publish my monthly dedicated to the promotion of mobile WiMAX services in Russia, using two small towns in the European part as an example. For those who follow the news half-eye but are interested with all my heart, I dedicate this post.

    For convenience, a very brief summary of the previous series:
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    1. Results of October

    1 November - modems in retail St. Petersburg
    November. The month is muddy in all respects, it’s still like autumn, and it’s like a new year soon. But just on November 1 (I was ending the epic about October from this) - The company threw white wimax modems Samsung SWC-u200, which were issued for testing the network according to the Yota Champion program, at retail of the Northern Capital. I can’t break the habit of association: Iota Champignon, especially if you know in what information testers keep testers. The essence remains the same - the modem costs 4.5k, and access to the Network is free until March 31, 2009 (April 1 - the beginning of commercial operation).

    November 11 - Russian Technologies believe in Scartel's success
    The news flew around the news: “Russian Technologies State Corporation exercised an option to purchase a 25.1% stake in WiMAX Holding Ltd”, which in turn owns Scartel (Company), whose Yota brand is the subject of this conversation. The moral, which was brought out and voiced by the public, can be briefly described in one phrase: "now they will be fine."

    November 12 - presentation of HTC MAX 4G
    On that Wednesday, at the same time in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the very presentation of the new communicator from HTC, which was created by order of Yota, took place. Its name, which in theory by the time of the presentation should be on everyone’s lips, was first announced to the public only in the invitation mailing 4 days before it, which they did not fail to take advantage ofevil hooligans. All of October we called it Quartz, but in vain. Now his name is Max.
    The main technical feature of the device is the ability to work in the Yota WiMAX network. The main ideological one is branded services that make up the soft stuffing: TV, Video, Music, Contacts, in a word - Y. services. All this innovative katavasiya - turns HTC MAX 4G in fact into a key of access to Network resources (including media content), but only if there is a good signal, which is still fragmented. The cost of it is 28,900 rubles.

    htc max 4g presentation

    About the presentation and the device itself has already been written decently ( I summarized in the blog , on mobile-review , on the huba bit, etc.), I will not repeat it, since in the near future there will be even more information - the device is already in retail sale. From the presentation, I conducted a live unofficial video broadcast for (again through Yota).

    Yes, the important aspect is tariffs. Again, only from April 1, 3 (three!) Tariffs will be valid: 900 rubles / month (mini), 1400 rubles per month (special tariff for HTC MAX) and daily (100 rubles per day). Read more about tariffs on the Company's website .

    November 27 - The first meeting of the forum
    On November 27, I organized the first meeting of the most ideological of Yota's testers and wireless network market participants. At first, I managed to plan an excellent program for guests: I had a box with Max, in order to give a touch of what kind of a 30k beast I invited several official representatives of the Company (from St. Petersburg) to answer a million questions, including mine. There was a guest from Svyaznoy, and the good guys who write software for video chat (including mobile). The meeting-acquaintance was very fruitful and inspiring.

    November 28 - the beginning of sales of USB WiMAX modems in Moscow.
    On this day, sales of Samsung SWC-u200 modems in the Capital started. The cost is 4500 rubles, the Network is free until March 31, 2009. The same layout, the same “pies”. What is the buying activity - I do not know. The start of sales of modems went quietly, because Max took over the noise, whose pre-order availability started on the same day (2 days before the official date of the Company). All Muscovites who wanted to join the Idea in advance had long ordered modems from St. Petersburg. Maybe there are retail representatives in the comments, then share the info, how do modems diverge?

    November 30 - HTC MAX 4G officially on sale.
    Well, on the 30th, on the last day of autumn, Max arrived at retail. In a small amount, at a price of 28,900 rubles. On the same day, as stated by the Company, Y. services began to work: TV, Music, Yap-Yap, which are available only to Max owners, and at the moment, there are already 31 users in Y. service - Yap-Yap. I know firsthand that all services were brought to mind in a frantic rush, and maybe that’s why the topic “ HTC MAX 4g - problems and solutions ” grew to the size of a separate sub-forum in 48 hours. In any case, since Max is in retail, it means there is in the media, and if there is in the media, then expect massive executions ... reviews, detailed and professional.

    htc max 4g

    The amount of information on the topic is increasing at such a pace that you can already choose what to be interested in specifically: only devices, or signal encryption, tuning devices, or solving problems with software, etc. Last month, it was possible to invite an official representative of the company (only one!) To the forum to create a special topic and receive intelligible, and most importantly, final answers to questions.
    So, the vast majority of November’s questions is the coverage of the Network: coverage inside buildings, coverage outside, lack of coverage in some areas of the capital cities, and a big, big wish for the Company to develop in the region (s), since in the Yota region this is a clear death local monopolies.
    But alas, this is not a question of this month, and nevertheless, there is not a bit left over from 2008. This is all the future. At the end of November we have: the appearance of the first devices in retail, raw, but working Y. services for HTC MAX 4G and the systematic, but not aggressive development of the Network. Do not wait until the end of the year for the promised absolute coverage within Sadovoye (Moscow time), but Iota is a long-term project, so sooner or later we will all be fine too (s).

    Good luck in December.

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