Eclipse and SFTP no problem

    For a long time, Aptana and Eclipse had a problem that caused a lot of trouble, namely, the inability to work normally with a remote machine to which ssh access is available. Aptana has full support for sftp only in the pro version, and not officially supported sftp plugin has a lot of problems (the most important - when the network is dropped and raised, the plugin continues to work as if nothing had happened, but does not save files), eclipse has all available plugins not updated at least a year.

    Fortunately, a solution exists and its name is Remote System Explorer . RSE solves not only the problem of remote access to files, but also provides a remote terminal, file search and even remote debugging.

    Installation is trivial, in Update Manager, find “Remote System Explorer End-User Runtime” and install. Additional repositories do not need to be connected. After installation in the Views list, a new category “Remote Systems” appears in which the most interesting is the View “Remote Systems”, which displays a list of existing connections and allows you to add new ones.

    PS Do not forget that now from any remote folder you can make a project using the "Create Remote Project" item in the context menu. (This is for those who will look for the root path settings in the connection properties)

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