Russian Android Robots

    I read yesterday a note by the user aidsoid , which impressed me to the core, and decided that it would not be superfluous to reveal a little more about the topic of Russian robotics.
    The flagship of Russian robotics is ZAO Android Robots , the company conducts applied research to expand the capabilities of android robots using additional equipment: navigation systems, hardware "vision", "hearing", telemetry.
    In addition to its own developments, the company collaborates with world-famous global manufacturers of android robots, promoting their products on the Russian market. Upon a more detailed study, it turned out that the company has quite interesting own developments, for example, Robovie M3 models, AR-100
    Niche domestic developers, unlike foreign ones, do not position their creations as toys, these developments should demonstrate the capabilities of androids, draw attention to them, than to prepare the market for the perception of a full-size (in human height) Android AP400 model with a power of 400 W, who will be able to do physical work in practice. In terms of labor productivity, one such robot, according to the creators, is approximately equal to four people. For the design of the AP400, 4.5 to 5.5 million rubles will be needed. It is assumed that the main consumers of the AP400 will be manufacturing companies.
    With great desire and financial well-being, robots can be bought . What did the Russian Railways do
    I am very pleased with this kind of news, namely, it is pleasing that such developments are being carried out not only in such technically advanced countries as Japan, or Korea, but also in Russia. The good news is that our developments are practically not inferior, but even surpass foreign analogues somewhere.
    At such moments, incredible pride in your country embraces! Well, we can, if we want.

    PS Perhaps the time is not far off when our borders will be guarded by huge fighting humanoid robots :)

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