New Blog Engine - Simple But Mighty Blog

    Over the past six months, I’ve been developing a new blogging engine called Simple But Mighty Blog.
    Today a new version has been published, which is not ashamed to bring to your attention - 0.3.6b.

    For six months, the engine has undergone development from version 0.1 to the current - 0.3.6b.
    What does this development give? First of all, it is characterized by a simple installation, which a person who is far from web programming is able to carry out. Administering a blog is just as easy, and an unlimited number of users can implement it, just like writing a blog. Registration of new users is carried out by decision of the administrators. Ability to connect javascript libraries by adding one line to the engine configuration file.

    Simple But Mighty Blog

    I hope for your interest and constructive criticism.
    You can find the latest information on my blog.
    Direct link download zip archive (117 kB): Help
    file (PDF, 444 kB): SBMBlogHelp.pdf

    Before “PR,” I don’t have enough karma ...

    UPD. License - GNU GPL 3.

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