Does Russia need aircraft carriers? - 3. "Homeless" ships

    Aircraft carrier must have a berth . Standing at the pier, he receives water, power, steam from the shore. Saving thus your motor resource.
    What am I talking about? A ship without a berth is like a man without an apartment!
    Our aircraft carriers had no berths and always stood in the middle of the bay on a barrel. Constantly working boilers (power plant), diesel. Constantly snooping around vehicles for the delivery of water, food, fuel, etc.
    Imagine how much water you need to wash thousands of people! And how much food! A fuel!
    Boats and longboats are constantly walking. They carry people. From shore to ship and back.

    They waited once for a boat and a sailor-hooked on the nose of the longboat slipped into the water. I missed the pressure hook and down. Caught between the pier and the longboat. Barkas hit a hook. Officers are looking at the starpom. Usually the decision is made by the oldest. The first officer reacted quickly: “ Reverse to the longboat. Doctor! To the sailor ” and sent someone for an ambulance. Officers began to pull a man out of the water. A few minutes later (!!!) an ambulance came up. Taken away.
    The guy died in intensive care. Soloviev was his last name.

    The aircraft carrier has a large windage and can easily be torn from a barrel.
    When the wind was not big, powerful ocean tugs came and held the ship.
    If wind was expected, the ship was removed from the barrel and went to the Barents Sea. And he walked there in circles until the wind died down.
    The wind blows constantly from the beginning of October to the end of May.

    Slightly - runners ran around the city to call officers on the ship.

    We arrive at the pier, board a boat, and a ship at sea.
    Once the cruiser came out of the dock. Empty came out. No ammunition, no food. Fuel is not fully uploaded.
    "Kiev" is flat-bottomed.
    Storming announced. Removed from the barrel. Gone to the sea.

    Evening. 9 p.m. The crew drinks evening tea at canteens, wardrooms (officers, midshipmen).
    Suddenly the lights go out. Completely and throughout the cruiser.
    Can you imagine?
    There is no electricity on the warship!
    A ship nearby Kildin Island (an island at the exit of the Kola Bay).

    Usually, emergency lights turn on automatically. This is parallel to the main lighting, each lamp has a battery. The main lighting is cut down, there is a switch. In order for this process to go through, at least there must be a battery in each lamp. And, of course, it must be charged.
    The accident did not light up. Almost never lit up.
    The officer always has two things with him: a flashlight (a dynamo with a pen so that it does not depend on the battery) and a notebook. No one requires a flashlight (but they all wear it), but a notebook ...! An officer is not an officer without a notebook.

    Running cabin. Commander. Captain 2nd rank Melachus.
    " Running gear " - the cap asks. It's good that at least the connection worked.
    " There is a PEZH. The survivability division commander cap.3 rank Chervony"(last name has not been changed).
    " Report the situation "- cap.
    " Report! Furnishing full PPC! "- Chervony answers.
    " I do not understand. Report the Red One as it should, "- Cap.
    " Comrade Commander! I report! Furnishing full PPC! "- replies the division commander J.
    And then the commander of the cruiser comes ....
    " Boys! Sailors! Save your commander! Do something! Me r-a-s-s-t-r-e-l-ya-y-t! "- the commander of the cruiser began to whine.
    " That you are dead, the dog is angry "- came from the dark corner of the post of energy and vitality. Someone from the sailors blurted out.
    The commander of the brigade of anti-submarine ships cap. 1 rank Yasnitsky appears in the wheelhouse.
    The ship carries on the rocks.
    Seeing the commander’s hysteria, the brigade commander says : “ Kolya! Take the starpom and run anchor into the NSHO .”
    (NSHO - bow mooring).
    But how to throw it if there is no electricity? ” Says the commander.
    I don’t know how. There should be a backup option. Botzmanov there, in the NSHO, ” continues the brigade commander.

    Chervony addresses after a conversation with the undercarriage to the sailors: “ Let's all get in the ass! I ran into the car. If they ask where, then answer in the car .”
    Chervony rushed into the car.

    Guys, ” the officer on duty of the BIC’s watch says to the sailors: “ Now I’ll go to the cabin for 3 minutes and come up .”
    The officer on duty rushed to get a party ticket from the cabin safe.
    Everyone can forgive, but a party card will never be forgiven.

    Coastal posts of NiS (observations and communications)
    . Radar works. Not a single naval fire burns on the ship. The cruiser does not get in touch. It does not respond to requests. Swiftly approaching the shore.
    Report to operational fleet.
    The operative goes to the operational squadron: " And where is your“ Kiev ”?"
    “It’s swimming. On a storm in the Barents Sea, ” the answer followed.
    The operational fleet gives the command to the tugboats to follow the exit from the Kola Bay. The nearest tug is in Murmansk. It’s 25 km for him to cut Severomorsk, and even along the bay from Severomomorsk. More 25 km.

    Commander, first-time commander, boatswain.
    The bosses annoy the boatswain: “ Son! Come on! Work! ” The
    boatswain took a sledgehammer, took aim somewhere, and entered. Anchor does not move.
    Botsmanenko still walked around. I took aim somewhere else. Fucked up.
    The anchor went down.
    Uhhhhhhh !!! Thank God!!!
    Hooked on an underwater communication cable.

    To be continued…

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