Keyboard for system administrator

    Today, with the production Weboram servers, there has been a slight collapse. Due to regular power offs (several times a day), disks from the strips of two key servers flew out of our hoster's rack (we will not poke a finger). We changed the machine, the rack and at the same time put hardy hardy. Since it was necessary to work with three servers at the same time, taking into account the fact that two of them had to be lifted from scratch, the keyboard and monitor jumped from one server to another (yes, we do not have KVM yet).

    Our admin constantly connected to different servers and entered the same commands from the keyboard. And then I thought it would be cool to keep the history of commands somewhere globally. At first it occurred to me to store it on the Internet, but I changed my mind, because often such things (initial server configuration) are done just when there is no such thing. And then it dawned on me. The keyboard could have some kind of memory in which it could store the history of typed commands. This would significantly speed up the work of the admin. They could be displayed on a special display made using eInk technology, then the principle could be implemented in rubber, folding keyboards that are convenient to carry in your pocket.

    If we go further, it would be possible to introduce some kind of macros for routine procedures, microscripting, etc. In general, there are places where fantasies unfold.

    What is your opinion, dear readers?

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