Death March Volume 2. The Second Coming of Yordon

    "Death March" (death march) - this is the name given to the transitions of American soldiers captured by the Japanese through the tropical jungle during World War II. During these transitions, most prisoners became ill and died. The same name is given to the book on the management of hopeless projects by Edward Yordon .

    Does your girlfriend complain that you have stopped paying attention to her? Did you miss the first steps of your child? Or maybe you had to say something in the spirit: “Honey, I promise you that we will go to the theater next time, and now please call Lena and go with her”? All this is a consequence of hopeless projects. Unfortunately, for the IT industry, hopeless projects are more likely the norm, not the exception. And this is a global trend. From the first Yordon seminar held in Moscow, personally for me it became clear that at least 80% of project management practices are relevant and applicable in the Russian climate. Therefore, no matter how our views on foreign policy differ, it is safe to say that every day programmers, managers and other project participants on both continents feel the same feelings (only with an 8-hour difference).

    In September, Ed Yordon arrives in Moscow and Peter with new topics that will focus on two important aspects of project management: the human factor in software development and a new concept for modeling project dynamics. A seminar on managing hopeless projects will be held in Minsk.

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