From the Moscow Kremlin to the Kolomna Kremlin

    Routes of Kolomna

    For those who use public transport in one of the largest cities in the Moscow region, opens a new website, Kolomna Routes .

    The routes of the Moscow region connecting the cities near Moscow appeared on a few months ago — they can be used in the “ Moscow routes ”. Now it’s the turn to lay more detailed routes in the cities themselves near Moscow. The Kolomna city public transport search engine takes into account buses, trolleybuses, trams, minibuses and an electric train. In such a seemingly small cozy city there were 35 routes.

    For those who actively use mobile devices, there is a PDA version of Kolomna Routes.

    We will be glad to see the residents of Kolomna and its satellite towns participating as experts in evaluating the optimality of the routes issued. We also thank Alexey Sergeyevich, thanks to whom Kolomna appeared on

    In addition, we, as before, welcome everyone to create a similar service for their city. Write to us in the form located at the bottom of our website if you want to create “Routes” for your favorite city!

    Have a good trip!

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