CSS creator Haakon Lee arrives in Russia

    Håkon Wium Lie

    A series of visits by representatives of the Norwegian company Opera Software to Russia continues. This time, for the first time, Haakon Lee, the company's leading technologist, comes to visit us. At the moment, the date is approved - from September 18 to September 22. The visit will be organized in two cities - St. Petersburg and Moscow. But in Moscow, he will be only one day (September 22) and this whole day is planned to be given for interviews for various magazines.

    In connection with such a schedule, there is an idea to hold a meeting of Haakon with users on September 18, in the evening at 19-00. I am waiting for suggestions from Petersburgers regarding a quiet, quiet cafe where one could sit and talk.

    Also, a request to everyone who plans to be at the meeting, to unsubscribe here in advance to approximately know how many people rent tables in the cafe.

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