Fourth International Scientific and Practical Conference “Software Engineering in Russia” SEC® 2008

    The Fourth International Scientific and Practical Conference “Software Engineering in Russia” SEC® 2008, , will be held in Moscow on October 23-24, 2008 .

    The conference is organized by Tekama, the Higher School of Economics and the Luxoft Training Center.

    The main goal of the conference is the exchange of knowledge and experience in various fields of software engineering and the search for modern technologies and techniques for the effective solution of IT problems.

    The conference will present the experience of leading Russian and international experts:

    • For the first time, world-class expert in the field of MDA Steve Mellor (Stephen J. Mellor) comes to Russia. Within the framework of the conference, Steve will give a presentation on “Agile MDA”, and on the additional day of the conference on October 25, 2008 he will hold a one-day Guru Workshop on the topic “System-wide software architecture”;

    • Wei Lee, director of Emerging Products Lab and lead engineer at INTEL Software and Solutions Group, will give a presentation on Parallel Programming 2.0, as well as Jim Held on the Future Multi-Nuclear and Tera-Scale Computing Research Program;

    • Vladimir Pavlov - Director of the International Research Institute for Programming Problems INTSPEI - will make a report: “Yesterday - file managers. Today - web browsers. What awaits us tomorrow? ”

    • General Manager of the Center for Software Development Igor Agamirzyan will talk about “Globalization of software development in the context of matrix management”;

    • The conference will be attended by a member of the International Academy of Information Technologies, founder and head of the State Unitary Enterprise TERKOM and LANIT-TERKOM, chairman of the board of the association of software developers RUSSOFT, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Andrei Terekhov;

    • Alexander Lozhechkin - Microsoft Team Leader.

    Taking into account the importance of international innovation cooperation, the conference organizers introduced additional days - October 21, 22, 25, 2008 - which will be dedicated to the exchange of experience with industry colleagues and seminars by world experts.

    The working languages ​​of the conference are Russian and English.

    The conference will receive reports on thematic areas. Those wishing to participate in the conference with the report may request a .

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