13 chips in Firefox (in Russian)

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based on 13 chips in Firefox (in English)

You can get much more pleasure from using Firefox, knowing some of the chips.

1. For a quick search on the page, press the slash (/) and start typing the word you are going to find (for example / word). The found word will be highlighted. To search for the next occurrence of a word, simply press Ctrl + G

2. If you want to remove an address from the history of the address bar, open the drop-down menu of the address bar using the cursor keys, move the cursor to the desired address and press Shift + Delete.

3. Clear the download history. This will make your download manager faster. Tools | Options | Privacy

4.To view and save Firefox disk cache entries, just type in the address bar: about: cache? Device = disk

5. To do the same procedure for the memory cache, type in the address bar: about: cache? Device = memory

6. For add a new download, just drag and drop the link into the download manager window.

7. If you accidentally deleted a bookmark and want to restore it, open the “bookmark manager” (Bookmarks> Manage bookmarks) and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z, or use: Edit> Undo (Edit> Undo).

8. Double-clicking on a free area of ​​the tab bar (Tab Bar) will open a new tab (New Tab)

9.Selecting “View Image” or “View Background Image” in the context menu, hold down the Ctrl button. As a result, the image will be shown in a new tab or in a new window.

10. You can change the order of bookmarks by simply dragging them with the mouse. To do this, just hold the SHIFT button while dragging.

11. You can work offline (offline mode). Just select File> Work Offline from the main menu. This means that you can view previously visited pages without having to connect to the network. This is really a great opportunity that few people use.

12.You can bookmark the page by simply dragging the page icon from the address bar into the bookmark folder. You can also drag the icon to the desktop, thus creating a shortcut for this page.

13. To stop the animation in the animated gif, press ESC.

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