Yandex advertised with the phone in contextual ads

    Recently, I tried to start a new advertising campaign on Yandex.Direct. He composed the text, picked up the keywords ... But the ads did not pass moderation, because they violated some rules. The rules in Yandex, as I understand it, are taken very seriously. There are certain requirements for the quality of sites, for the content of advertisers' ads.
    One of the rules of the Direct prohibits the placement of the advertiser's contact information in the ad text. This is logical, since the visitor can simply see the phone and immediately call without clicking on the link. Imagine the savings if you advertise a taxi or pizza for home delivery. After all, it’s paid only for a click on an ad ...
    But how Direct is advertised in other contextual advertising systems.

    I found an ad in Google in the search results for the phrase "contextual advertising." Yandex had several announcements there, one of which was with a call center phone. Before publication I looked, it seems to be gone. Maybe banned? :) But anyway, it’s understandable if some small firms with a limited budget “hacked”. But Yandex is the leader in the Runet search market. Has money really gotten really bad?

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