Yandex finally made a video

    While “Rambler” introduces a social aggregator, “Yandex”, the last of the “three Runet buttons”, it has grown with video service - video hosting and video search.

    First of all , Yandex.Video is focused on searching for videos - at the moment two dozen video hosting sites are being indexed, including YouTube, RuTube, Video.07.2012.Ru, etc. According to the press release, the search is based on the analysis of names, tags, descriptions and other movie attributes. For users there is also the ability to upload their own videos - up to 750 MB in volume.

    The emphasis on search was also confirmed by the project manager Denis Tanaev: “First of all, videos are searched and watched, and besides this they are also downloaded, collected and discussed. And all this can be done on Yandex.Video. ” Popular clips are displayed on the Yandex.Video main page - statistics on posting and discussion of video clips are collected through Yandex.Vlogs.

    Recall that last year launched a video search of on a separate domain, to this day the word beta hangs on the main page of the resource. It is interesting that at the end of last year, AOL localized its Truveo video search engine for Runet, and Google Video is available to us only in the dotcom version.

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