Football! Russia! Oleee!

    Recently, the Runet community of football fans has appeared . I will not compare it with other football social groups. I want to say a few words about Oleee itself. Moreover, now is the time - in Russia, interest in football has greatly increased. In a country where every second fan simply needed a similar project. Maybe two, and three, so that everyone chooses a platform for communication to their taste. So here. How is it in the textbooks on effective management - praise and scold?

    Any thematic community a priori is good because it is a place of communication, dating and interaction of like-minded people. Additional obvious advantages of are the novelty and safety of communication. So far, there are only two such communities in RuNet. And until the last moment there were none at all. Fans met offline, and not always peacefully. Today, fans from different countries, different clubs can discuss the intricacies of the game of their favorite team. Without assault and bloodshed. Verbal duels are better than street battles. Further…

    From the first contact with the resource, rich functionality catches your eye: a photo, a blog, a chat, and announcements. If you want to keep the video, you want to watch someone else’s. True, on the other hand, if I am still an unregistered user, why should I show icons like “my page”, “profile”, “friends”, which I still can’t see until I get an account?

    The main page has general community statistics: how many groups, users, comments, etc. Although there are not so many “fans” yet, it’s nice that such information is already available.

    There is a user rating that allows the newcomer to navigate "who is what," "who is why and why." But, importantly, rating rules are also available - in the “Top Users” subsection, a point system is registered. For example, for every day from the moment of registration 1 point is awarded, for each friend, for a photo, for a comment, there is also a certain bonus. In general, any user activity in the community is rated positively.

    Of the minuses (in my opinion, they all are non-synchronous, that is, if you want, you can fix it and the work will be more fun):

    - such things as “times (times)”, “voice (s)”, “score (s)” ";
    - it is a pity that the signatures under the icons are inactive (there is some discomfort in this);
    - “Sent messages” - but there is a much more harmonious message - “sent”?
    I also want to draw attention to the lack of thought in the menu: why put the “settings” item (in some places it is called “parameters”) in a separate tab, if in all cases (“friends”, “blog”, “album”, “video” ”,“ Announcements ”,“ groups ”) there is only one question: should I be notified by mail of new comments or invitations? And nothing but this ... On the other hand, when you open the "My Page" option, a whole screen of visitor activity is displayed. When did he come in, what did he do, etc. Maybe at the initial stage it’s also reasonable to induce a person (me, that is) to retaliate. But all these people are not even my “friends”. Why do I need to know all this? Just this moment would be good to establish for yourself in the "settings".

    And the rest is Oleee! I wish good luck to the Russian football players and the community of fans!

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