Invites from users and spam.

    A quite common and natural way to promote a site is to provide its user with the opportunity to invite new participants from the outside. At the same time, to stimulate this invitation activity, the user usually receives a certain bun for each person invited. Either this is a percentage of something, if this site is tied primarily to money, or it’s some kind of internal bonuses, or at least a rating. Naturally, this leads to the fact that spam "invite" is also added to the whole multitude and variety of spam, when someone asks / persuades / demands to follow the link with his invitation code.

    1) New users for the first time in their life will get to our site by deception. They are unlikely to linger there for a long time (if we are not talking about a "biomass" site)
    2) Spam volumes are increasing.

    What to do? To refuse inviting in general, to refuse buns for invited participants, or is there any other, but good solution?

    (it might make sense to move this topic to another blog)

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