About cheap hosting

    I want to tell you a sad story about how I lost all my sites by contacting a cheap hosting provider.
    This was my first project, which is now about 3-4 months old and I was looking for inexpensive hosting. He stopped on a dark horse inhoster.ru - 2 gigabytes of space and no limits on traffic and the number of sites. The site was embodied as a blog on Wordpress and a forum on PHPbb3. I spent quite a lot of time with him and all children for 3 months every day I tried to improve, refine, fill, promote.

    What about hosting: yes, it slowed down and even sometimes lay in the evenings. Technical support responds with an average delay of 12 hours. I put up with this only because the portal had already grown to 1GB on the screw and the transfer was not the most pleasant thing, but I thought about it. And, as it turned out - not in vain.
    One beautiful morning, I go to check my site and see

    Not Found

    The requested URL /suspended.page/ was not found on this server.

    I am writing technical support. After some time (about a day) I get information that my account is blocked for spam. WTF ?! Why didn’t I know anything about this and without warning I get such a trick? After all, I did not do mailing, except for 300 notifications for users that my forum appeared, which happened 1 time!
    As it turned out, delayed_send.php remained on the crown - a script that I set to send notifications to users, as I wrote. He didn’t have to constantly send something, because letters are sent only when you create a mailing list in the admin panel and send it - and this script simply provides for its processing and mailing with a delay. In fact, I used it only once and it has been a month ago. I won’t know where 40 thousand letters came from, about which TP writes to me: O.

    / virtfs / mobis332 / var / spool / exim / input /

    Specify why you needed Exim and more than 40 thousand letters.

    “It makes no sense to me to engage in such garbage - I have a pretty decent portal. I ask you to provide access to all my directories and databases so that I can pick them up; ” and in response:

    Data recovery is possible through the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation.

    This is the story I got. It's a shame and even evil takes - after all, so much work has been put: 2 portals and a homepag disappeared. So, I hope, my experience will warn you against buying such hosting and suggest that you need to do backups more often. Maybe you will advise something?

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