RIAA will try again

    The Association of the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for the past year sought a positive judgment on the statement of claim, which implies that the provision of access to the files by their placement in the network shares is a direct violation of copyright-law and, accordingly, can be prosecuted under court.

    However, a verdict handed down by Federal District Judge Neil V. Wake states that posting copyrighted content in a public folder is not a punishable offense, and to apply any RIAA sanctions to a defendant, you must prove that the materials were handed over in hand.

    According to the latest information, the RIAA withdrew the previous lawsuit, which was based on the illegality of the named data exchange method, and filed a new lawsuit with slightly different wordings. However, instead of bringing new charges to the same defendant, the association chose to find a new “victim”. In this way, the RIAA has made the case a new judge who can make a decision that suits them.

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