AIR 1.1 released with built-in support for the Russian language and AIR Update Framework

    The main thing in the new version of Adobe AIR 1.1 is support for localized and "international" applications. The runtime itself (AIR runtime) now supports many languages ​​- Brazil, Portuguese, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish, and also supports keyboard input for languages ​​with double-byte character encoding (double-byte languages) .

    Adobe AIR Update Framework - updating correctly

    At the same time, Adobe Labs has released a beta version of the application update framework - Adobe AIR Update Framework . It provides an API for implementing the correct update of AIR applications. This includes features such as:
    1. Check for updates (both periodic and at the request of the user);
    2. Downloading AIR application updates from the network;
    3. Informing the user on the first launch of a new version or upon data migration;
    4. Confirmation of user consent to check for updates;
    5. Display information about the new version for the user;
    6. Displays download progress and possible errors.
    Similarities are on the Adobe AIR Update Framework page .

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