Rumors of Apple's new multi-touch devices

    As AppleInsider writes today , analyst Shaw Wu of American Technology Research claims that Apple is likely to show a portable multi-touch laptop at WWDC.

    Its sources have information about four- and seven-inch devices with multi-touch interfaces that have already left the prototype stage. However, it is not yet known exactly when Apple will release these devices.

    The rumor about the new multi-touch devices devices is supported by two more facts. First, Intel this week officially revealed the Atom processor on which these devices are rumored to be running.

    Secondly, Apple has already sent out beta versions of Mac OS X 10.5.4 to developers, although the 10.5.3 update was recently released. TUAW claimsthat Mac OS X 10.5.4 will be released on June 12 and will support working with the new service, conditionally called Mobile Me (that is, the updated .Mac ). It is likely that this update will also support the new multi-touch devices.

    Do you need such a device?

    PS On Monday at 20:30 Moscow time on Maxspoon we will conduct a live text broadcast of the presentation of Steve Jobs at the opening of WWDC 2008.

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