Advertising in games "adds realism to them"

    Major League Baseball 2K7Company of Massive Inc . Together with the office, Interpret LLC conducted a study of how gamers react to ads placed on the virtual spaces of computer games. The results were very pleasant for all parties involved in the gaming industry.

    More than 1,000 participants in the study played in several hit titles of the last couple of years (including NFS Carbon, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Major League Baseball 2K7, etc.). The only distinguishing feature of the toys used was the advertising of 4 real companies - Adidas and 3 other unnamed brands: a film studio, a chain of fast food restaurants and a manufacturer of chocolate bars.

    A survey of experimental subjects showed that, in general, 70% of them advertised in the game seemed “out of place” and sometimes even “cool”. 73% of those who played sports simulations thought that Adidas ads made the game more realistic. Moreover, about 80% of respondents said that they would most likely buy a DVD with a movie, the posters of which they saw in the game, and would happily chew on something from the same network of eateries.

    Such results can not but rejoice both game manufacturers, who are not in the least hurt by the extra income from advertising, and the advertisers themselves, who began to actively develop a new market a couple of years ago. So, in 2005, Massive Inc. was bought by Microsoft for $ 300 million, after which investments flowed to its competitors: IGA Worldwide and AdScape Media . Advertise in games with Massive Inceven British intelligence posts .

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