Service Idea: PC Lynch

    Almost all more or less visited forums have a section on computer hardware. And it’s not uncommon for topics like “evaluate the assembly” or “help build a computer” to appear there. And then an idea came to my mind ...

    The idea itself

    The idea is to make a service on which to make a list of components (hereinafter: assembly): indicate the estimated price, a link to possible price lists, etc. After that, anyone could see, evaluate, offer a replacement for some components. Over time, the number of possible trim levels added by users would increase. New visitors could look at the available ones and perhaps choose for themselves what suits them, while reading the reviews or recommendations left earlier. When the author returns, he will be able to choose from the proposed substitutions for each position or leave something that is. The history of the choice of components will also be kept in order to see what was offered and which options were rejected.


    Since services of this type do not provide for frequent visits by the same people for a long time, it makes sense to identify authors and those who will write comments using an OpenID or Google account.


    The sociality of this service lies in the fact that over time there will be visitors who regularly visit this service, leave tips / recommendations, and the rest plus them. Thus, users with greater “weight” (or authority do not know what to call it correctly) stand out, the rest will listen to them, etc.

    It is not enough time to realize this yourself, and experience and skills, and one cannot pull it. Therefore, if anyone is interested, they can implement it, I think it would be nice to have such a service on RuNet. In addition, there is, and if they are good to ask, I think people from there would not refuse to discuss what visitors will post.

    if anyone undertakes to implement, then I would not mind if you could indicate in small letters, although the author of the idea would be O :)

    UPD:I decided to try to implement it myself. Chose RoR. If it works out, I’ll put it on the hosting, if not, then I’ll continue to teach the mate part to train to train to train :)

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