Ubuntu Linux brakes

    After the outpouring of Kaganov’s bile towards the OS in general and Linux in particular, I decided to deal with the problem that had long plagued me.

    I noticed once that very often the processor in Ubuntu is loaded with flash drives (usually banners), which at the same time do no useful work. Most often, the following happens: I opened 10 ( only ten) tabs, I sit on a tab where there is only text, and Firefox is tormenting the processor senselessly.

    What to do? That's right, to hell with a flash drive! But it’s not necessary to hell. I want to watch videos on Youtube . Therefore, we put a wonderful extension Flashblockand include only those flash clips that you really want to watch. Advertising rushes past. And most importantly - the processor has stopped doing nonsense!

    After installation, I found out how interestingly Google Analytics is arranged : this is not a monolithic flash drive, but a complex system with flash inserts. The controls are html.

    By the way, another useful addition to FF, for such fans to postpone reading material for tomorrow, like me: Taboo .

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