Problems of Russian education

    In recent weeks, many issues have been raised one way or another based on education. I asked my friend to write a series of articles on this topic. She has been in education for many years and can tell “how it is” from the inside, so if you are interested in this topic I suggest asking questions in the comments. It is on them that the further articles of the cycle will be based.

    Debilitation Reforms

    The end of the 90s, against the backdrop of the destruction of socio-economic development factors, there was a collapse in education: non-payment of salaries, lack of money for school repairs, provision of material and technical sphere of public education. However, the main thing is the first reform of the content of education: a system of education in elementary school of 1-3 years is introduced. What did it result in? The certificate was given for a nine-year education, although in fact the child studied only 8 years old. Where did budget money go for 1 year? According to the psychological and age characteristics of students, children who have not completed 4 years of primary school, getting into the 5th grade often could not master the program, conflicts arose not only external but also within the individual. Then correctional classes of education appeared. In general, all this led to the debilitation of the population, the emergence of "brigades", people without honor and without conscience. When it was no longer possible to hide the theft of budget money, new reforms appeared: the reform of education, the modernization of education - 2002; the federal program for the development of education until 2010. The Ministry of Education swallowed money for each of this project, and in fact, which project with which new word is waiting for us in the near future?

    Modern pseudo-formation

    •  There is no modern material and technical base for training.
    •  A system of the gap between the pedagogical community and the education department has been built. Upstairs are government officials (most often illiterate educators and undergraduates receiving 30-50 thousand) and a teacher with a salary of 4 thousand. In order to feed the family, they take 1.5-2 rates, or even more. Although the norm, the teacher should work 18 hours a week. Today, with the new reform of
      education, under the conditions of normative-per capita financing, a teacher must perform such a number of functions, up to and including conducting research work, that there simply is no time left for the teacher’s activity.
    •  There are no competent teachers with modern thinking and general cultural competence.
    •  The school is provided with a large number of textbooks that do not fit together. We follow the path of George Soros, the more information, the more misinformation. Not to mention the media, which lives its own occult life, offering it as a model.
    •  Pedagogical universities produce a cross between a senior seller in a supermarket and a manager who is practically devoid of general cultural training, not to mention a special one. Modern youth is rather apathetic and infantile, and basically, self-defines by the age of 30, i.e. skipping the most creative years.
    •  The government, speaking of reforms, never said about creating jobs for the younger generation. In the context of de-industrialization of the country, there is no goal of training personnel for the country.
    •  The speed of ongoing reforms does not allow focus, because the conceptual apparatus and educational paradigms are completely changing. The chaos that exists in education does not allow to improve the educational process and provide the young generation with education worthy of the 21st century.

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