The first Russian-language seminar on the Symfony Framework

    Habrachelovek deinz asked to publish the announcement of the following content:

    In the near future, the first Russian-language seminar on the Symfony Framework will be held in Moscow.
    The time and venue are being specified, as well as the exact address of the site.
    Developer 3 level will be read on the international compliance scale, a specialist who actively uses this library to implement complex projects (CRM development, etc.)
    According to the information available, during the seminar general questions regarding working with the Symfony Framework library will be voiced and narrow-profile moments and specific solutions for projects with complex architecture and functionality.

    The seminar is paid, but it seems like discounts are provided for specialists and organized groups.

    I think Muscovites-Khabrovites should unite.

    A curious undertaking, but not much information. Stay tuned, as usual.

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