Find friends on the net who can wash

    Quite by chance a pleasant trifle was discovered , from which it became warmer in my soul.

    I dialed “hot water” in Yandex and got the opportunity to find out when the hot water is turned off.
    In fact, I have no water a week, as me and reported, offering first water heaters, bath, and then, in the end, just to wash:

    Reference to the proposal leads to the wash club .
    I decided to see which of the social networks help the user in solving the problem of lack of hot water. Pleasantly surprised MirTesen . On the main page I saw a picture that my parents (and I had the old address on my site) would soon turn off the water. And next to the link - Wash with friends, - which leads to a page with a list of my friends. In the near future, my school friend (as well as my parents) will have to face an unpleasant situation to remain without water:

    When I edited my addresses, information appeared that they planned to turn off the water in our house:

    It’s not surprising, but the shutdown took place strictly in accordance with the announcement on entrance door: “from 0 hours on May 14 ...” :(
    It is hoped that they will turn it on, as promised, at “24 hours on June 2.”

    Does anyone know similar useful features in other popular networks or services that at least somehow can help people who remain water? Or at least amuse the users. (For example, FaceBook I have not found).

    By the way, watch the water turn off graphics in Moscow can behere .

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