TopCoder Open World Programming Championship Results for Russia

    From May 13 to May 15, in-person competitions of the final stage of TopCoder Open 2008 , which is actually the world championship in individual programming, took place in Las Vegas (USA) . Competitions are held in the categories Algorithm (sports programming), Marathon (research programming), Component (applied programming) and Studio (graphic and web design).

    Traditionally, TopCoder Open (or TCO) attracts thousands of participants from around the world. This year, 3980 top programmers participated in the TopCoder Open selection in the most popular Algorithm category. Of these, 72 of the best went to face-to-face semi-finals in Las Vegas based on qualifications and four online qualifying rounds. Among these 72 in the world entertainment capital, 10 finalists of the Algorithm category were identified. In total, 120 people arrived this year to participate in all four categories.

    This year's TCO final in sports programming was marked by a tense struggle between past leader Pole Tomasz Chaika (TCO winner 2003 and 2004) and current number one in the TopCoder sports programming rating Peter Mitichev, postgraduate student at the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, winner of the TCO 2006. The confrontation between Peter and Tomas has a rather long history. Back in 2003, the team, which included Peter, lost in the final of the ACM ICPC student world team championship to the team of the University of Warsaw, in which Tomasz Chaika spoke, and took second place. Since then, Peter and Tomas constantly clash in open international competitions and compete for first place with alternating success.

    This year, Peter Mitrichev lost to the Polish programmer and took second place. In third place is also the representative of Poland, winner of TopCoder Open 2005, Eric Kopczynski.

    Despite Peter's second place (which in itself is a huge achievement for any country), this year's TSS finals were marked for Russia by a record number of participants. Three out of ten finalists based on the face-to-face semifinals and Wildcard in Vegas represented Russia.
    This year, the TopCoder Open finale has undoubtedly been exciting. Before the start of the Challenge Phase (the stage at which participants can offer counterexamples to the programs of opponents, receiving 50 points for each successful action and, accordingly, losing 25 points for each unsuccessful), the leader of the tournament standings Tomash Chaika ahead of Peter Mitrichev by 137.5 points. However, Peter managed to build counterexamples to the decisions of two participants, narrowing the gap to 37.5 points, and then, at the last minute, to the solution of another participant, stepping forward by 12.5 points. Then Tomek, less than a minute before the end, sent a counterexample to another decision and regained leadership. Everything was decided in the last seconds, and the finale in entertainment was not inferior to the finals of the largest sports. That is why the term "sports programming" is used for such tournaments. Spectators from all over the world watched the competition with the help of the already traditional webcast.

    In general, the Russian participants showed excellent results: 3 out of 10 finalists represented Russia. Two Polish programmers also participated in the final, one each from Ukraine, China, Australia, Sweden, and Indonesia.

    The results of TopCoder Open 2008, as well as statistics on participants, countries, universities and the history of the competition, can be found on the Russian-language project , which covers programming competitions, in a special project dedicated to TopCoder Open 2008.

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    About TopCoder Open finalists

    Pyotr Mitrichevrunner-up at TopCoder Open 2008, set a unique achievement in 2006. He won both the TopCoder Open, the Google Code Jam, and the TopCoder Collegiate Challenge, thus becoming the first ever participant to win all three of the world's largest personal sports programming tournaments in one year. At TopCoder Open 2007, Peter was unlucky and failed to reach the semifinals. At the TopCoder Collegiate Challenge 2007, he again won a landslide victory, and now at the TopCoder Open 2008, which for Peter was already the third final of the TCO, Mitrichev took second place.
    Peter has been participating in programming competitions since the sixth grade. Three times was the absolute winner of the All-Russian and prize-winner of the International School Olympiads in computer science. Entering Moscow State University, Peter continued to participate in programming competitions and twice (in 2003 and 2005) became the vice world champion in programming as part of the ACM student world team championship as part of two different MSU teams.

    Since the participation of students in the final of the ACM student world team championship is limited to two years, Peter focused on open competitions. In 2005, he first reached the TopCoder Open finals, where he finished fourth. In May 2006, he became the winner of TopCoder Open, in June - took second place in Google Code Jam Europe, held in Dublin. In November of that year, he won the worldwide Google Code Jam in New York and the TopCoder Collegiate Challenge. It is also worth noting that for three consecutive years Peter has been the winner of the Open Programming Cup, the largest open regular online team competition held in the CIS and a number of Eastern European countries. The latter achievement is all the more significant because in the 2007-2008 season, Peter participated in the Open Cup alone, while in most other teams there were 3 participants.

    Peter is actively involved in the preparation of Russian school teams at the International Olympiads in Informatics, in the preparation of student teams, and in the conduct of various summer programming schools.

    The second-year student of St. Petersburg State University, Sergey Kopeliovich , who took 5th place , as a schoolboy, twice won a gold medal at the International School Olympiads in Computer Science. In his first year, he participated in the TopCoder Collegiate Challenge 2007 onsite round, where he entered the transition tournament. In the semi-finals of TopCoder Open 2008, Sergey took first place, beating, in particular, future winner Tomasz Chaiku.

    For Andrei Stankevich, who divided the 6th-9th places in the TCO finals, a trainer of teams at St. Petersburg State University ITMO at the ACM ICPC student programming world championships, this is the second TopCoder Open final. Note that in 2007, Mikhail Dvorkin participated in the TCO finals - one of Andrei Stankevich’s students, so representatives of St. Petersburg State University ITMO, whose team is the current world champion in programming student ACM ICPCs, enter the TopCoder Open finals for the third year in a row, which is the second such event in the history of TopCoder Open (after the University of Warsaw, whose representatives participated in all six TopCoder Open finals).

    Andrei Stankevich conducts a lot of work on organizing and conducting programming competitions. He is the chairman of the Scientific Committee of the All-Russian School Olympiad in Informatics, a member of the jury of the semifinal of the East European Semifinal of the ACM ICPC student programming world championship, participates in various summer computer science schools. For his services in organizing student programming competitions, Andrei Stankevich was awarded the Prize of the President of the Russian Federation.

    For the first time during the TopCoder Open, the representative of Ukraine reached the finals. Sophomore Kiev National University Vladislav SimonenkoIn 2006, he was a silver medalist at the International School of Computer Science Olympiad. And now another success - a victory in the semi-finals of TopCoder Open 2008 and reaching the final. At the same time, in the semifinals, Vladislav was ahead of Peter Mitrichev and Eric Kopchinsky, who eventually took second and third places. Together with the fourth place and gold medals team Lviv National University. Ivan Franko in the final of the ACM ICPC programming team world championship this year, the result of Vladislav is evidence of the undoubted success in sports programming that Ukraine has achieved over the past year.

    About TopCoder Inc. and TopCoder Open competitions

    TopCoder, Inc is a global leader in organizing online programming competitions. It holds two tournaments each year - TopCoder Open (actually an open personal world championship) and TopCoder Collegiate Challenge (actually a student personal world championship), as well as several regular online competitions per week. The competition system developed by TopCoder, which allows the participant to receive points not only for solving problems, but also for finding errors in the decisions of opponents, was used not only for competitions organized by TopCoder, but also, for example, for the Google Code Jam. The tasks offered at TopCoder competitions are complex algorithmic problems, the solution of which requires both theoretical and practical skills. To be counted, participant’s decision must pass a specific set of tests. The points awarded for the task depend on the complexity of the task and on the time of completion of the solution. The leaders of the TopCoder ranking accredited to the competition are considered the leaders in sports programming in the world. In addition to competitions in sports programming (Algorithm), TopCoder also holds competitions in the design and development of software components (Component), research programming (Marathon), graphic and web design (Studio).

    To participate in the semi-finals and finals, participants were gathered in Las Vegas (USA). at the same time, all expenses were borne by the organizers. The prize fund in the Algorithm nomination amounted to $ 70,000. In this case, the winner received $ 15,000, $ 8,000 for 2nd place, $ 6,000 for 3, $ 4,000 for 4, and the rest of the final participants receive $ 1,000 each. Semifinalists who did not reach the final - $ 500 each. The total prize pool of TCO this year was $ 260,000.

    TopCoder Open competitions have been held since 2003. During this time, Tomasz Chaika from Poland (in 2003, 2004 and 2008) became the champion three times in the Algorithm nomination, and Eric Kopczynski (Poland) in 2005, Peter Mitrichev (Russia) in 2006 and Jan Kuipers ( Netherlands) in 2007.

    More than once in the top three at TopCoder Open in Algorithm Tomas Chaika (1st place in 2003, 2004, 2008 and 2nd place in 2006), Eric Kopczynski (1st place in 2005, 3rd place in 2007 and 2008) and Peter got Mitrichev (1st place in 2006, 2nd place in 2008). Interestingly, it was these participants who made up the TopCoder Open prize trophy of this year.
    All 6 finals of TopCoder Open were attended by Polish participants. Russian participants attended the 4 finals of TopCoder Open (all finals starting in 2005). Representatives from other countries have no more than 3 TCO finals.

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