What is a good article for Habr

    Everything below is nothing more than a personal opinion.

    What is a good post?

    On Habré I consider the best articles in the style: “I could”, describing the personal professional achievements of the author of the article, showing how he solved a certain problem, important for many. As they say, "in recipes!".

    Following are reports of significant innovations in the field of IT business and the Internet economy, which can be discussed, which provoke discussions (no holivars!).

    Further general discussion of the type of "why so?" or "what will happen tomorrow?" or “how to make it better?”, whether it’s author or translation, discussion is valuable. Immediately interviews with interesting people, analytics of anything. I really respect the tests performed by the author, if they are of high quality. I’m going to make one measurement myself on the topic of sql, but my hands do not reach.

    Next went, sorry, trash

    1. Bad translations. Comrades, are you translating interlinear? Is it really difficult to catch a thought and formulate it in Russian, having driven away with a spellchecker? The Word fully copes with the coordination of times, cases and an excess of Englishisms. I minus such posts if the quality of translations is very lame.
    2. Devices for booms and other copy-paste. I have nothing against it, but nevertheless this fun is for those who have more money than payload. Are there really so many of these people on Habré? I never minus, and almost never read.
    3. Insolent advertising. There is also non-nagly, but still it is worth at least masking the mention of your services among the analytical and review material. Definitely a minus, with the exception of “I'm smart” and “I'm PR”.
    4. Frankly provocative posts from holivarov lovers. Definitely a minus, or even karma.
    5. Lyrics and literature. Parables, fantastic stories, bust with illustrations on the theme of UFOs. I am not against good smart thoughts. Lebedev, in coworking, remarkably wrote about the “unit of meaning”. That’s usually the sense (I don’t want to offend anyone). Minus, if completely flat and off.
    6. Humor. Bored, comrades. Well, tell me, when was the last time you smiled while looking at posts from the "Humor" category? Just not funny. I don’t care, but pleasure 0.
    7. Flat thoughts. Comrades, well, do not post the trivial and savor it. “To work better, you need to work.” To succeed, you need to concentrate. To learn how to drive a car, you must drive a car. These "recipes from Vasya Pupkin" are so tired that I usually don’t even open it.

    And there are a lot of all this on Habré. Sometimes in a day or two no more than one decent author’s publication.

    Request: colleagues, write your own, write well, before clicking “publish”, ask questions: “what am I reporting? What do I want to hear in response? what constructive discussion can this cause? ”
    I am for quality content.

    upd. plus the topic, minus the karma? Give arguments in the style of "fool himself"? I didn’t want to prick, but appeal to conscience and taste

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