Opera Mini 4.1

    Yandex Search - in the mobile versions of the Opera browser in Russia
    Oslo, Norway, May 13, 2008. Starting today, Yandex search is set by default in the mobile versions of the Opera web browser for users in Russia and the CIS. Now Opera Mini users in Russia and the CIS will be able to search using the most popular Russian search engine directly from the browser start page. The Opera Mini mobile app can be downloaded for free from http://www.operamini.com .

    Soon another mobile application will be released - Opera Mobile. Russian users of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile will be able to easily find the information they need, wherever they are.
    “Opera Mini is the most popular mobile browser in the world, and Yandex is the most popular search engine in Russia. Thanks to our unique collaboration, we will be able to provide users with the necessary information as quickly as possible when working on a personal computer, ”says John von Techner, CEO of Opera. - Now in the desktop version of the Opera browser - the second most popular in Russia - Yandex search is loaded by default with the Speed ​​Dial function. We hope to continue our cooperation and jointly create the best Internet services for our users. ”
    “Both Yandex and Opera strive to provide users with the highest quality mobile web search. For this, speed, security and relevance are very important, ”says Maxim Kiselev, Yandex Business Development Director. “Our search engine is designed specifically for Russian-speaking users and is available anytime, anywhere.”
    Opera's mobile products
    Opera launches two mobile applications, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. They set the standards for working on the Internet on both conventional cell phones and smartphones.
    More than 44 million users have already discovered Opera Mini, as a browser that has revolutionized their work with the mobile Internet. Opera Mini not only provides quick access to the Internet, but also displays the pages as they look in the desktop version of the browser.
    Function Opera Zoom facilitates reading text and perception of information. In addition, Opera Mini has a free Opera Link service - it synchronizes bookmarks and pages that are downloaded using the Speed ​​Dial function in all user's browsers.
    In 2007, due to the great demand for its navigation mobile applications, the company announced the release of 122 mobile devices with preinstalled Opera Mobile (63 devices) and Opera Mini (59) applications. Opera Mini app is the most popular mobile browser in Russia. Thus, Russia has become the largest distribution market for Opera Mini.
    Leading Internet companies that strive to provide their users with the best service, opt for the Opera Mobile app. To date, Opera Mobile has been installed on more than 100 million mobile phones.
    How to download
    Opera Mini can be downloaded for free from http://www.operamini.com .
    Opera Mobile will soon be available for free during the trial period at http://www.opera.com . It is supported only by certain platforms. On mobile versions of Opera browser for users in Russia and the CIS, Yandex search is set by default.
    About Opera Software ASA
    Opera Software ASA has changed the concept of working on the Internet from personal computers, mobile phones and other devices that support Internet access. The cross-platform Opera browser is efficient, standards-compliant, and small in size. At the same time, it provides fast, safe and dynamic Internet access. The head office of Opera Software is located in Oslo, Norway, with representatives around the world. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the OPERA stock code. More information is available at: http://www.opera.com .
    About Yandex
    Yandex is the largest Russian portal that offers Russian-speaking users Internet searches, contextual advertising, and all key Internet services. Yandex's daily audience is about 8 million unique users and continues to grow. About 54% of all Russian Internet users use Yandex.

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