And without understanding Halo, Universal Studios took on Bioshock

    1210595558-clip-8kb.jpgThe director of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Gore Verbinsky, announced his plans to film the popular and fairly recent computer game Bioshock . Last year, it sold over 2 million copies.
    For the right to do it, Universal Studios paid Take-Two Interactive a few million dollars and is now in talks with Aviator screenwriter John Logan to write the script for the painting. The exact amount of the deal with igrodelov was not disclosed, it is only said that this is one of the largest deals in the history of video game adaptations in recent years - at the level when Universal and Fox paid Microsoft $ 5 million for the possibility of adaptation of Halo , but this film has not yet been shot.
    The action of the game and the future tape is developing in an underwater city, which was planned to be equipped on the principles of utopian capitalism in the spirit of Ayn Rand, but everything turned out completely wrong, right up to catastrophic consequences. The player controls a pilot who makes an emergency landing at the secret entrance to the city and eventually gets involved in the struggle for power, but discovers that in his actions he is not so free as he thinks. 1210595882-clip-12kb.jpg
    β€œIn my opinion, the idea is a utopian world in which everything went wrong, and asks for the screen, ” says Verbinsky. β€œ Of all the games I played, Bioshock has the most interesting plot.”The director also praises the design of the game in the style of "Art Deco" and its various unusual creatures - for example, mechanical "Daddies" that protect the mutated girls called "Sisters".
    Take-Two Interactive almost immediately after the release of the game in August last year received several offers from various producers and studios, but the Universal option became tempting. A film release date has not yet been set, but Gore Verbinski will begin work as soon as John Logan completes the script.
    For the Bioshock film studio, it will be a new attempt to do film adaptations of games - together with Peter Jackson, they spent more than a year developing Haloand were forced to freeze the project due to the prohibitive budget.

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