Blogs about jQuery in Russian

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    Gathering links to jQuery blogs. If you have your own blog or you know blogs that are not mentioned in this list, please unsubscribe in comments or in the form on the blog.

    Naturally, I’m not just collecting it;) First of all: a link from me (PR in the “conception”), advertising to blogs, making contact with fellow writers.

    Here is what I already know and can recommend:

    LinkExchanger Blog . There are interesting posts. Found useful for myself.
    ajax - all the most fashionable! . So-so. Not much for now, and the style of presentation leaves much to be desired.
    JSToolBox . Specifically, about jquery is not enough, but in general, the blog is interesting.
    'S Snowcore . All is not enough, but I hope that there will be more.
    Ajax O-Russian . There is information about jQuery.
    Denis Samarin's blog . A little bit, but interesting.
    Update 110408
    Made easy . Andrew is the first to send the missing blog. Do not be shy, gentlemen!

    In addition, I want to note:
    Habr . There are sometimes useful posts.
    TermiT's Blog . Here, Gennady has collected many links to various jQuery materials.
    Freedom of speech webmaster . This is an interesting article. You can also see "related articles."
    Good translation of "jQuery for beginners . " Thanks Anton!

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