Exclusive rss icons - free!


    A few months ago, I already published a few tride-style rss-icons for distribution . It is pleasant to note that they not only went to blogs and websites (rss-kakpkan, for example, without my desire), but were also noted by different design magazines (such as SmashinMagazin and Nyuvebpik ).

    I’m ready to make exclusive icons for your blog, site (and where you still use them ...) I just need to look at the project, and after thinking and estimating, the idea of ​​how the rss-icon should look in each case is born in my head . Experienced bloggers know (and inexperienced- they will find out right now) that the rss icon is a great object for creating a memorable “ blog image ”. Even the extremely empty-headed reader (who does not remember your easy and understandable name “ UnitedStartapsincorporetadinrash.kom ” in any way) will definitely pay attention to the unusual icon, and will certainly characterize your brainchild in a conversation with a friend, like: “ sensible blog, interesting ... called ... er “uh ... well, there’s such crap, it’s cool, on the right ...


    So - the conditions of the action. Your blog (site, or whatever ...) must have at least three hundred followers according to Feedburner. His theme is not about politics, violence, pornography, or any related dirty tricks. After installing the icon, you just mention this action in your place. And I, in turn, will give a link to your blog in a special gallery post. As a result, you get: 1. a wonderful icon that matches the theme and style of your project; 2. link from a popular and visited blog; 3. rays of prosperity and creativity.

    To take part in the action, you need to leave a comment on this post , with a link to your blog (not only in the name).

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