Habracenter them. % username%

    Eh ... Again about texts written by robots . Developers! Developers, learn to finally make users of your creations a pleasure.

    Here, for example, "Family-building Institute. Lenin "- is it nice? And Lenin is not pleased ... Yes, declining usernames is not a thankful task. Well, it is not necessary. You can always formulate a thought in such a way that the name remains unchanged . For example, in the headers of the personal pages of Habr users, you can write “Apostol on Habrahabr”, “Apostol's habracentr” or “Habracenter“ Apostol “” instead of “Habracenter named after Apostol. "

    Instead of "Last time I was on the site on May 2, 2008 05:25" it looks and reads much better "... I was on the site on May 2, 2008 at 5:25."

    Instead, the brick head will hit "You searchedvodka , 82 matches were found that match the query, of which 2 users, 20 habratopics, 60 comments "it is better to display" By the query "vodka" 82 matches were found, 2 of them in user profiles , 20 in habratopics and 60 in comments ".

    The situation needs to be changed. Seconds remaining before the start of the change: −166860421. ;)

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